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At VR Business Brokers of the Triangle, are skilled at doing deals.  We represent sellers of privately held businesses, but we can also provide consultation services for buyers seeking to learn more about the process of buying a business.

Buyer Consultation

What is a business buyer consultation?

For people who are determined to leave the corporate world and acquire an existing business, a business buyer consultation is a dedicated time to explore and discover the processes and pitfalls that business buyers face when acquiring an operational business.

What you can expect from a business buyer consultation:

  • An interview on what you’re seeking for your perfect business.
  • An overview of the process of buying a business.
  • Real life examples of how business financials are recasted.
  • Pre-qualification steps for an SBA loan.
  • Review and guidance of your CV or “buyer box” search documentation.
  • Next steps to acquire the perfect business for you.

At VR Business Brokers of the Triangle, we don’t shop for businesses for buyers, but do share our expertise and guidance for buyers who are committed to the process. 

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