Neal Isaacs, MBA, CBI Achieves CM&AP Certification

During the COVID-19 pandemic Neal Isaacs, MBA, CBI completed over forty hours of coursework from Kennesaw State University’s Certified Mergers & Acquisitions Program.

This accomplishment places Neal in the rare class of CM&AP certificate holders and enables him to better serve owners of business in the lower middle market; those businesses generating EBITDAs between $2-10M/year.

Coursework covered a broad array of topics including financial analysis and pricing models utilizing the Discounted Cash Flow and Build Up Model, as well as advanced negotiations and legal aspects of M&A deals.

The courses were led by M&A professional Larry Stevens with case studies by M&A attorney Amanda Leech of Ackerman Law, financial modeling by James F. Tompkins, lessons by investment banker Jonathon Wilfong, Managing Director at Focus Investment Banking, and contributions from Michael J. Coles, founder and seller of the Great American Cookie Company…

The CM&AP is a collaborative program between Kennesaw State University and the M&A Source. More information about the certification can be found on the University’s course description page.