Buying an established business can be a great opportunity for someone looking to generate extra cash flow, build an investment portfolio, or make a career/field change while minimizing the risk associated with starting a business from scratch.

At VR Business Brokers of the Triangle, we help match prospective buyers to businesses that would be a good fit for them, while providing experienced and knowledgable representation through the close of the transaction to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible with the best possible result. We can assist with everything from scouting out opportunities to procuring financing, to helping with lease and contract transfers, and much more!





Here is a list of all the businesses that VR Business Brokers of the Triangle currently has for sale on the market. See something you’re interested in? Reach out to us today for a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL meeting!

Franchised Pizza Restuarant


Established more than five years ago, this Northern staple was brought to Raleigh and has become tremendous success; financially and as a stable and turnkey business. Now a mature and cash flowing dine in, carry out, and delivery pizzeria in a premium market, the owner is ready for a new adventure. Make your move and acquire this cash flowing franchise!

Retail Bakery & Special Order Cakes


Regardless of the economic cycle, people always crave and buy sweets. This local retail business has created a sweet business out of this opportunity, with consistent cash flows and consistently growing revenues year over year. 

Pack & Ship & More Store


For more than 3 decades this independent Pack & Ship center has served the Triangle community through a solid team, a premium location, and a consistent demand for post office boxes, shipping services, packaging supplies, and small gifts. Four years ago the current owner acquired it and added a lucrative Ink & Toner service business. Today he’s ready for a new adventure!

Window Sales & Service Firm


After more than a decade in business, the owner of this business is ready to retire, leaving this high cash flow, high margin home product and service business for a new owner.

Independent Garage Door Company


This garage door company sells new garage doors and repairs broken ones; primarily residential homes, but does 20% commercial work on light duty repair & replacement. With four crews in the field, this company stays busy and the financials show it with growing revenues every year.

Environmental Consulting Firm

NC Environmental Consulting Firm​


When real estate developers, government agencies, and private industry need guidance and permitting for projects in North Carolina, they choose this firm.  Find out why today…

Best Location Asian Restaurnt


In business for over twenty years, with growing revenues in nearly every year, this Asian restaurant has benefited from a great location that every restaurant owner will love.  It’s hard to not make money in a space like this one!

Multi State Garden Center


Gardening is one of the top 5 hobbies in the US, providing food, comfort, exercise, outdoor time, and a feeling of pride.  Urban homesteading, hydroponics, and home brewing are also increasingly popular activities. And they are big business, with Nursery and Garden Stores a $42.3 billion industry in 2021 alone.    Learn more today!

Best Hair Salon in the Triangle


When this salon was built the owners spared no expense. Walking in, the atmosphere overwhelms the clients and they feel at home. And when the clients experience the staff who have had their cosmetology training paid for by the owner, they keep coming back.

Building blocks

Busy Childcare Center


Build from a passion to inspire a love of learning in children, this independent child care center was constructed and expanded in a great location and has never stopped growing. Today the founder is ready for a new adventure and the center is available for a new owner. Don’t miss this opportunity to take the helm of this busy child care center.


Prime Location Asian Restaurant


After nearly 3 decades the owner of one of Raleigh’s original and best Asian restaurants is ready to retire.

Independent Pack & Ship


With two decades of history serving the its market and increasing sales every year, the owner of this independent pack and ship retail shipping location works just two days a week.  This business was purchased by a logistics professional “rolling up” smaller pack and ships across the Southeast.

Pizza Shop With Drive Through


The owner of this business picked the perfect location, built an independent concept, staffed the business and put together all of assets needed to run the business, but he’s run out of time due to running two other businesses. Take this opportunity to take what he’s built and earn the money he doesn’t have time to make! 

Gas Station & C-Store


This cash flowing gas station is located on a corner lot of a primary artery of Fuquay Varina with an 18,000 vehicle annual average daily traffic according to NCDOT.  Buy now!

Asian Restaurant - Major University


The owner of this restaurant took took over the space and made significant upgrades in April of 2021 before diners were returning to restaurants. He’s running it as a Korean restaurant, but the space perfect for any restaurant concept. Today he’s selling it, as diners are returning and the Pandemic is receding. Located between top retailers and directly across from a major university on a busy, well know street, you won’t find a better location for your new restaurant!

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Whether you’re set on purchasing a business locally or simply wondering about the process and entertaining the thought of investing in a local business, let’s talk! Book an appointment using the link below for a free and confidential conversation.