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6 Areas Your Small Business Needs Help In The Digital Age

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Small business owners are like professional superheroes. However, instead of a cape and a mask, enterprising entrepreneurs wear many hats, from promoter to inventor and everything in between. But as the digital landscape continues to change, more and more business owners are finding it challenging to handle all aspects of their business. Here are six areas that it makes sense to outsource if you plan to operate online.

Cloud computing.

You already use the internet, but if you aren’t using it for data storage and application management, you’re missing out. A cloud computing service can get you connected securely so that you can harness the power of the internet for everything from collaboration to employee communication. As a perk, the cloud is fully scalable. In other words, it can grow with you without a huge additional investment.

Web analytics.

Through web analytics, you can collect and analyze data to determine what your customers are interested in. This information allows you to enhance your customers’ experience. Fortunately, you can hire experienced web analytics services through online job platforms and look over reviews and estimated costs to determine the best hire. 


Content marketing is more than just writing a blog and posting it to your social media. The most effective content has many attributes you might overlook. Reading ease, keyword density (for SEO purposes), and grammar all play a role in the success of your written content. Writing great content isn’t as easy as you’d expect, but there are many talented content marketers out there that have the experience to craft the right message in just the right way.

Beyond content, you’ll need to create a logo that reflects your brand and sets you apart from competitors. Fortunately, it’s not necessary to hire professionals for this task. With a logo creator online, you can choose from one of thousands of design templates and add your own content, color scheme, and font.


Great photographs are crucial in helping to portray your image accurately across multimedia channels. Photographer Anthony Johnson points out further that photographs are also part of your content marketing strategy. Whether you have an e-commerce business and need to create image-based listings or want to show the world your talent team through headshots, hiring a professional photographer can help relay your message.

Reputation management.

Online reputation management is the process of actively monitoring what’s being said about your business online. It also encompasses ways that you proactively and reactively handle the reviews and media mentions of your business. And it can be a full-time job. An online reputation management company – or person within your organization responsible for the task – can help showcase your company’s image truthfully and accurately. In today’s review-driven market, you need to take steps to manage your digital persona.

Virtual customer service.

A virtual customer service agent can handle many of the tasks mentioned above. They can also help you coordinate online and in-person events, handle customer inquiries, and manage your social media. Since this person will likely be a contractor, you only pay for the number of hours you need each week, and you can utilize the talents of different assistants based on your changing and growing needs.

While there is nothing stopping you from handling any of the above on your own, each of these is a specialized area that requires experience. Getting the right help in place now will save time and help your business move in the right direction when you are ready. From IT and creative services to marketing and customer service management, the people and services you put in place now will help you build your business’s digital footprint into a solid foundation.

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